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June 16, 2009
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Langidrik(1) (Sea, North of Agim(2), Easternmost Port) </b>

"You've got to be kidding me," A pair of hands fell roughly against the banister, gripping the soaked wood as the vessel rocked side-to-side among the waves, "You have got to be kidding me." The man repeated, losing his footing for a moment before crashing down, in tumble of limbs and leather, and strands of unkempt hair onto the deck below, "It's been raining for two days now." Said man got straight back up, untangled every limb, pushed messy locks away from hazy eyes, and stared, angrily, out at the sea around him.

"Two damn f*cking days," he repeated, as the waves crashed up onto the deck, swaying the poor vessel so violently he almost lost traction, "If you didn't goddammit want me to go fishing today then why didn't you start pissin' when I started out?" He shouted towards the sky with a raised fist, before lowering it and sighing.

"But what good'll that do?" He laughed a moment later, turning away, and nearly slipping again, "Not like the weather's gonna clear up cuz I said so." He paused, looked to the sky, then sighed again, "Yeah, who the f*ck am I kidding? Not going to happen. Not going to happen in--" A strong gust of wind whistled through the sails, picking up his hat--a simple, straw hat that one could find on the heads of many in town--and tossing it out into the waves--

"And it stole my f*cking hat." he exhaled, watching said hat float violently on the waves for a few minutes, before drifting under, and disappearing from view, "Isn't that just great? And I thought I could just keep the top of my head dry." he bemoaned again, closing his eyes against the pelting rain as another gust of wind turned it to salty bullets and sprayed it against his skin.

A bellow of thunder quickly followed the intensifying rain, and the man quickly ducked into the swinging door of the cabin, not bothering to even close it, and watched the rain continuously pelt the deck.

"What'm I gonna do," he moaned again, beating his head lightly against the doorframe, ignoring the creak of the old wood, and the way the rusted hinges seemed dangerously close to just popping off at every small movement, "I'm gonna be damn hungry if I don't catch anything." He paused that thought, and sighed again, "Not to mention I'm dirt poor."

Because the truth of the matter, whether the man wanted to admit it or not, was just that. The reason he was out here was for food, nothing else. For food to put on his table, because nothing else would. No one else would. He didn't expect it, because if he did then he would be disappointed when it didn't happen next.

His stomach growled loudly in protest, "Shut the damn up," he patted his bare stomach--having cast his sopping shirt aside to float away into the sea some time ago--"I'll get some food in you, just be patient. The rain has to let up soon, right?" He stared back out at the rain, like bullets, pelting dangerously against the wood, almost as if--"If it doesn't destroy my ship in the process." he deflated with another growl from his stomach.

No, the rain wouldn't let up. He could tell. The clouds weren't going to stop, and the wind wasn't going to be nice and blow them somewhere else for a change.

"It's my fault anyway," he grumbled, leaning his head, this time gently, against the doorframe, "I decided to come out here. I shoulda seen the clouds." But he didn't, and he knew it, 'Because there weren't any.' He added silently to himself, exhaling.

His stomach growled again.

"Goddammit." He patted it again, only to have it growl steadily, like the thunder overhead, "Fine then," he pushed himself up off the floor with his free hand, and stumbled back out onto the deck, into the pelting bullets of salty rain, and salty waves. He reached the far side, where a tangle of nets lay in a heap, drenched with salt water, and tied down tightly.

"All I gotta do is untie this and throw it over," he grumbled, reaching down for the first secured tie--only to have the boat, rock, once more, violently to the side--

"Oh sh--" he caught himself at the last moment--wincing as one hand caught all his weight, and the old railing creaked disturbingly beneath his grip, "Oh shi--" he tried to right himself once more, only to have the boat rock again, this time with so much force--his hand didn't do any good--

A painful crack, and the old railing shattered, causing him to fall into the frothy violent waves below.

'Oh for the love of,' He tried to surface, gasping for air, only to have salt water take it's place in an instant. 'You've got to be kidding me,' He tried to surface once more, and only just managed to hack most of the water out, before another wave pulled him under, 'I gotta get that damned boat fixed now! I don't have the money for that!' He squeezed his eyes shut against the burning salt and surfaced once more--glancing around quickly to see how far he was from the ship.

Not too far, he could make it still--if the waves didn't pull him under again. If he didn't get caught in a violent current, 'I'll just have to try it.' He took another gasping breath--and one stroke forward--

only to stop, when a black object caught his eyes, somewhere to the left, floating on the seas surface towards him, 'What's...?' he never had his question finished, as another wave violently swept him under, tossing him beneath the waves until his lungs burned--then spat him back up to the drenching surface, and the salty, damp air.

'What's--' He tried again, turning his head to try and search for the black object, 'Nothing should be--' he gasped for breath, 'floating out in the middle of the--' another gasp, 'Ocean like that. 'Specially here.'  But he couldn't find it, no matter how hard he looked, the black object had probably sunk beneath the violent waves and--

'Goddammit, I'm farther away now,' And he was, his ship was bobbing dangerously on the surface, but it hadn't gone under yet. Not yet, 'It better not. Don't want the damn Marine's to yell at me again.' No. Littering.

If a ship was sunk it must be retrieved, repaired, then used again. No exceptions.

'But if I die an' the boat sinks then I won't get the blame,' The thought came just as quickly as it fled, 'Like I wanna die now anyway,' He looked up at the sky, 'Why'd I want to? I'm damn hungry.' A violent string of thunder lit up the sky, followed by a bellow of unsettling thunder, ''Hope I don't get electrocuted either.' It was a bemused thought this time, 'That'd be a horrible way to go.'

"Almost," he gasped for breath again, "Laughable." he let out a watery chuckle, taking another well earned gasp, before the sea pulled him under once more, tossing him, once more, until it spit him back out.

Again, even further away.

'Some luck I'm having.' He thrust his arms forward in a mock dive as another wave came up, 'But I gotta get back.' His stomach growled but went ignored amongst the crashing waves, and roars of thunder, 'No use bein' in my profession without a damn boat, dirt poor, and no food to call 'm own.'

He dived once more as another wave came up, and kicked ferociously against it, even though it threatened to pull him under, like the rest. He succeeded, but barely--coming up for air in gasping pants, and the realization that his ship wasn't getting any closer, 'Dammit--'

He knew this wasn't good, simply because, well, it wasn't. His hands balled into fists before straightening out. He made to dive again when yet another thing caught his eye. Not black this time but--

Very, very flesh colored, and sinking very much like a human probably would.

Like a human probably would.

'You've got to be kidding me.' He paused his movement for a moment and stared, unblinkingly, at the form slowly sinking below the waves, back facing up--unusually--'You've got to be kidding me,' the thought repeated itself as his motion jump-started. With another gasp he dived again, this time not towards his ship, but towards the person sinking slowly--slowly--

''You're kidding me right?' He's legs pushed as best they could against the current, 'right? You've got to be, right?' the water stung his eyes but he kept them open, pushing away the seaweed that threatened to tangle in his hands, around his legs, in his hair and block his view--'A drowning person? Forget a piece of trash--


His lungs began to burn as his fingers reached out and latched onto the back of the human's--a boys, maybe?--shirt, and tugged. The motion sent a jolt of pain up one arm--the same arm that had caught his fall earlier. But that didn't stop him.

'A human out here? Out here? Where the hell did a human come from?' He kicked and pushed the body above him, thankful for the fact that, with the waters help, the body was easy to move. Incredibly light.

He surfaced a moment later, burning lungs and limbs and all--with a gasping breath, tilting the face of the human towards the sky--the pelting rain with another--another thought--

'You've got to be kidding me.'

Because. Because--not only had he just saved someone. But his ship was now  closer. Dangerously closer, like the waves had carried it. Not that they would have, in fact, he had probably swum towards it when grabbing the body. It was perfectly logical, right? Of course it was.

'Of course it is,' he panted, keeping the body's face upright, holding it next to him as his legs pushed off again, against the current, through the rain, and thunder, and frothy waves, towards the ship that continued to rock precariously back and forth amongst the waves.

But it didn't sink, and he didn't drown, and for that he had to be grateful.

'Maybe my luck doesn't righteously suck after all.' He couldn't help but smile as he dragged the boy painfully up onto the deck--due in part to the waves, and the ship's constant dipping, which could only be called gracious now despite it all--and towards the cabin, through the door with rusted hinges, and onto the mattress.

He had just saved a life. Now--he had to figure out what to do with it.

warning: Mild language (but it's bleeped out...sorta) EDIT: Since so many people keep asking/pointing this out: Lind really DOES say f asterisk ck. That's why it's bleeped out (it becomes a running gag later on. Or it WILL be one)

Also posted here: [link]

A picture of the island: [link] (also the preview art)

Updated Map: [link] *added Ocean name's, and a few town name's/landmarks*

(1)-Langidrik: Means "small storm". this sea stretches from the tip of the main island to the Eastern most edge. It's not particularly big, but it is known for it's sudden storms that appear out of nowhere. It's the southern Border to the Menuha Straight (on the map--the area of light colored water that surrounds the smaller two islands) -Menuha means "calm"-

(2)-Agim means "dawn" a playoff the fact that it is the Easternmost port (sun rises in the East and sets in the West) it's also the southernmost point, but isn't considered so (for whatever reason). it's located on the Agim peninsula (which--on the map--stretches to the first man-made river -which stretches from coast to Coast- )

But anyway...this is a PREVIEW/May be Chapter One (if people like it enough) of the story I plan on writing with the details mentioned on the "Island" link.

and it's my first uploaded written piece (ORIGINAL written piece I might add) on this account in a while...thus...


(especially if you want me to continue)

Character's so far:

Lind Beck: Main character (bio may be in a journal if I feel like it)

Iezzi: the drowning boy (bio may be in a journal if I feel like it)

I OWN EVERYTHING (except maybe the shape of the island) DO NOT USE WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION!

(Also...air conditioning. NO AIR CONDITIONING. It's so hot x.x but it's oddly inspiring...I have no clue why o.o


A preview to Lofquist's POV: [link]
A preview to Iezzi's POV: (coming soon)
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SIlentHunters Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Awesome. Really amazing writing right here. I like your character Lind, really clever and creative on your part and the cursing really adds to him. The plot? Really interesting so far and I saw the map too. You should definitely continue writing this. I'll be waiting...
Bouzu-Hiso Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lind's like... "HUMAN?! DO WANT!!" :D It's not a secret I like stories about sailing, so I think I'll like this one as well OWO
Harmony283 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
-laughs- Oh gosh...everyone keeps pointing out my use of 'human' instead of person -laughs- I feel a gag-ish fanart piece coming on XD

But I'm glad you like it so far~~ (and yes there will be...lots of sailing. Oh yes -nod, nod- I need to look up a bunch of stuff ON sailing...but it shouldn't be too hard -considering she can legally sail a boat and all- I-I really should remember what they taught me about it...right? >_> -cough-)
Bouzu-Hiso Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hmm... maybe because it still feels a little unreal to Lind?

Well... every good author and artist needs to look up stuff OwO
Harmony283 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
THAT'S part of what I was going for (because I mean, Lind is supposed to be hungry, and tired from having to make his ship not sink...) but it's also to avoid using a gender right from the get go (though if you've read Iezzi's POV then you already know who it is XD)

Yeah...though you'd be surprised how many people just do the flip off (like one person didn't even care to use the correct kind of Portuguese for one character -who really IS Portuguese, as in, from Portugal. That's a bit irritating...)
NeoRinku Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG LINE- *smacks self* LIND! is Daaaa bomb XD
His cursing and "Whatskeburt?" XD

Really, I thought it would be too much PH or One piece but you proved me wrong. he's a very cute character which I will probably get attached to ( Like Fae and Aditya XD)

I do wonder how it will be when...*forgot name and looks at notes again* Iezzi (..right? XD)wakes up.
All wet on a boat... *nosebleeds* no no no fonny! no more shota pairings! old is he anyway?
Ah..I'll probably get info about him soon enough!

..*trailed off from purpose of saying: GOOD JOB!*
sO : good job 8D! XD
Harmony283 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
-laughs- now, now catch yourself~~ and yes Whatskeburt XD -made a mental note, oh yes-

XD yay~ Well I didn't want to make him like Luffy (or whatever) -that series started to bore her really fast- and I didn't wanna make him too much like Linebeck so...I'm glad I succeeded XD

Yup it's Iezzi. he'll (hopefully) wake up soon ^^
And you already know his age XD NO JAILBAIT FOR YOU -cough-yet-cough-

But I'm glad you liked it~:hug:
-wonders what your siggy means now- XD
ReveredMage Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2009
SO I FINALLY READ IT. -sticks tongue out at you-

asdfjkl; And I don't even know what to say. XD It was good, alrighty?~ You have no~thin~g~ to worry about~


And your guy -shakes head- Has issues with his boat~ IT'S THE RUN AWAY BOAT. -cough- You know what I mean~ In this "Enlgish mass" that I produce~

Now one more thing to check off on my list of stuff to make ""Mandeh smile"~ XD
Harmony283 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
YES YOU DID. YAY :boogie: :glomp:

-laughs- Well I'm glad you think so~ (even if it's just a preview. Thus meaning yush I'm re-writing it) Though I DO also have...a Lofquist Blurb (I can only imagine 1st person with him--when he's introduced. Hum) if you wanna read that?

No, of course not, capital letters just like you today XD

YES the run away boat! Poor Lind XD He has no luck, oh no, no, noooooo

Yay -smile, happy joy-joy tackle-glompe here- (they need to make a tackleglomp emoticon or something XD)
LunaHara Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2009
The story seems good so far, though I can't say I'm much interested at the minute. Definetly has potential though, so I'll keep reading, just to see what happens to the duo...!

Also, for some reason my head keeps trying to cast the captain/Lind Beck (homage to someone...? ^_^) as Australian. It gets annoying when about half way through I am telling my head to read his thoughts/speech without an accent, which it promptly ignores... Damn brain...!
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